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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Big Bubba's Bad BBQ - Visalia

June 11, 2005.
Hwy 245

Sky is suppose to be at my house at 8:30 AM. At 8:05 my doorbell rings. It's Sky. He is anxious to hit the road. So off I go to get ready and we hit the road about 8:20. We were to pick up Tiny (who lives in Pinole) at Atwater where we were also to meet up with Top Dawg, who lives in Atwater. After a pretty uneventful ride down Hwy 99 we get to Atwater and see Tiny's 1600 already at the gas station. Tiny soon comes out of the store as we fill our gas tanks. Now we call Top Dawg since we are a half hour early.

Top Dawg leads us down Hwy 99 at something close to the speed limit.

We are to meet CaddmannQ at Klein's Truck Stop in north Fresno. We are very early so we head to the Café for biscuits and gravy. Caddman and his wife Judy arrive as we are eating. A small repast to tide us over until we get to Visalia and Big Bubba's Bad BBQ. Now Visalia is only 60 miles south of Fresno if you simply head south down Hwy 99. But our route is to take us to the east to an elevation over 5,000 feet before we turn southwest toward Visalia. Also we expect to be on the road for three hours plus.

A quick gas stop on Hwy 180 near Sanger and we are back on the road. It is still flat land and we are now only 30 miles from Hwy 245. The traffic is only moderate as we eventually start our gradual rise. Hwy 180 is the route to Kings Canyon and Sequoia Parks, but we are turning south at Hwy 245 about 10 miles short of the Park.
Now we are into the turns and pass a few slow moving RV's. Rest stop and photo op as we get above Dunlap.

Top Dawg leaves early to take pics as we head up the road. He got a couple of nice shots as we headed up Hwy 180.

We climb to 3,000 feet then to 4,000 feet and just after we pass the Elevation 5,000 feet sign we find the turn off for Hwy 245. The sign tells us that the road is twisty for the next 31 miles. The sign is correct. After a few miles we catch a straight of about 100 feet, whew - nice break. Then twisting and turning we stop at Mountain House or something like that after 12 miles and almost 25 minutes. Water break, it is pretty warm by now as it is past 1:00 PM.

The turns and twists are fairly severe for awhile, but as we get lower in elevation the turns become more sweeping and less steep. Hwy 245 is good pavement and little traffic and farily wide for the most part. It does drop in elevation almost 5,000 feet in 35 miles, though. Eventually we get to farmland and the flat Central Valley and straight farm roads. But we still have a bit to go as we still have 15 miles before Hwy 245 intersects Hwy 198 some 10 miles east of Visalia.

Ice King and his wife, who live in Tulare are to meet us between 2:30 and 3:00 at Big Bubba's Bad BBQ. But we get to the place about 3:10 as we stop along side the road to check the address. Oh shucks, the place is still up the road about a quarter of a mile on the other side of the street.

Too much food, but we eat it anyway. Good ribs. Nice bbq sauce. Great tri-tip sandwich. Excellent pulled-pork sandwich. The best onion rings around. Nice garlic fries. Nachos were only so-so. No one wants to ride the mechanical bull, too full.

Big Bubbas Bad BBQ - Visalia

It is 5:00 PM before we say our good byes to Ice King and his wife. Then It's over to Hwy 99. Gas stop just south of Fresno. CaddmannQ and Judy leave us at the Hwy 41 exit. Top Dawg leaves us at the Atwater exit. I got home right at 8:00 PM. Tiny made it home at 9:15 PM and crawled to the shower. He wrote "the 600+
miles in the saddle were talking very nasty to my back by then."

Don "Very Short Person" Inamasu
VROC #5569; TWVROC #13
Stockton, CA 95219



  • At 7:19 AM, Blogger Pappy said…

    Hmmm... and I rode seven miles for some leftovers.... No straight roads for me. Well, the roads were straight, but Don knows how I ride. The cold hamburger patties were exquisite, and along with the house mustard, cheap catsup and sixty-nine cent a loaf bread, I dined like a king (here, King, here boy...). Glad you folks had fun. Sounds like you're tuning up for next year's Hill Country Ride. It's only 1,900 miles, one way, and the scenery is worth it.

  • At 9:31 AM, Blogger cvroy said…

    thanks for the pic and story. soulds like you Vulcan riders have a lot of fun.
    I have a 1500 classic and have been trying to make contact with others in the Castro Valley area.
    vroc # 16477
    my email is
    Would like to talk about rides and add ons for vulcan
    Thanks Roy


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