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Thursday, October 28, 2004

Eating Report HSVROC to RITCR

August 1 to 12, 2004

{HSVROC is a motorcycle rally held at Topaz Lake, NV about 70 miles south of Reno. HSVROC stands for High Sierra Vulcan Riders and Owners Club. RITCR stands for the Rally In The Canadian Rockies and was held at the David Thompson Resort (DTR) just west of Nordegg, Alberta}

Since I am the slowest (I know Scorp) to report, the trip was hot, wet and interesting. But I should be a Goldwinger since I will report on the food along the way, instead of a Ride Report.

Second food stop from Topaz Lake was in Jordan Valley, OR at the Old Basque House. Food was okay 5 out of 10, but not Kosher Basque, in fact as we were leaving I talked a young couple from San Francisco out of eating there. I told them it was no comparison to the Wool Growers in Los Banos. He had eaten often at the Wool Growers. He wanted to introduce her to Basque food since she had never tasted it. But this was not the right restaurant for an introduction to Basque cooking.

After over nighting in Meridian, ID we met up with Grumbler who led us up Hwy 55 to an {Inn along the River, great breakfast - good link sausages and great potatoes (after all it is Idaho). Stopped for ice cream at McCall, ID a neat little resort town along a lake. Summer beaches and Winter skiing makes McCall a year around destination. That night we managed to get to Kamiah, ID. The local Pub, bowling alley and saloon had a great 1/2 pound hamburger served with cheese, bacon, ham and a fried egg. I opted for the broasted chicken, but could only finish the drumstick and thigh. The breast was eaten for breakfast.

Lolo Pass and on through Missoula. Stopped at a truck stop cafe on the road to Kalispell. I decided to try the buffalo steak. Buffalo is really lean, not as juicy as beef, but it had been a while since I had had buffalo. Then rain on the way to Kalispell. We get through the torn up streets into Kalispell and check into a motel. The lady desk clerk gave us directions to a steakhouse in downtown Kalispell. She must not have gone out often since the place was now a fairly upscale restaurant owned by former Denverites and the new owners of the Kalispell Hotel. The food was excellent. I had the duck covered in a mild curry sauce. Tiny had the seafood linguini. Reminded me a little of Wolfgang Puck's Post Rio restaurant in San Francisco, but the portions were twice the size. Topped off the meal with a little huckleberry ice cream. Great coffee also. I was getting tired of the stuff that passes for coffee along the way.

Through Glacier National Park and the Road to the Sun through Logan Pass. Up the road stopped by Canadians at the border. On to Cardston and a late breakfast. The eggs benedict was really very good. Stopped to get Canadian cash at the RBC ATM machine. Then on to Calgary to visit the Inamasu's there. Distant relatives that I had never seen in person. Mary is 96 and her youngest brother, Albert is 81. They share the same house that they have lived in for the last 58 years. Both are life long residents of Calgary. The food we had in Calgary was not at all memorable.

On the road again. Had a very nice breakfast in Carstairs. Then on to DTR. The only good food at DTR was the outdoor cooking. Had to go to Rocky Mountain House (85 miles away) for a visit to the Canadian Health Services after Six Pack Jack Ward (thanks Jack) looked at Tiny's cheek and diagnosed an infection. Tiny now has an Alberta Health card. But the food at Rocky Mountain House was excellent at the Tamarack Inn. I had the Veal Oscar and Tiny had the Chicken Cordon Bleu.

We had a great 5 days at DTR (well day 5 was waiting out the rain watching video tape movies), but that is another report. Our first meal stop outside of DTR was at Smitty's in Radium Jct. Great hot cakes and good coffee. Then on to Spokane - delivery pizza - need I say more.

Trying to get to the coast quickly. Breakfast at the Jack-In-The-Box in Pasco. Skipped lunch. Wandered through Eugene decided that it was best to head to Cottage Grove, OR instead. Went to the Chinese restaurant (I needed a bowl of rice). Food was actually passable, except they did not have bell peppers in their tomato beef chow mein.

Breakfast in Reedsport after having Tiny's risers tightened down by Guy at SCP and a quick hello to Steve as well. Very good blueberry hot cakes at the local chowder house, pizzeria, and coffee shop.

Last stop before home was in Eureka, CA. Went to O.H.'s Townhouse. An old stand by steakhouse in Eureka. I had a small dinner steak (it was a Spencer - rib eye - Del Monico). Tiny had the T-bone. Can recommend this place.

Breakfast at the Eel River Cafe in Garberville. Time to change from the leather jacket to the Summer mesh jacket, since Hwy 101 leaves the coast and moves inland a few miles. The road that now hugs the coast is Hwy 1 also known as the Pacific Coast Highway. The Eel River Cafe still makes the old fashion round waffles, not the Belgian waffle.

We hit the Bay Area traffic at 2:00 PM in Santa Rosa (65 miles from the City). But these are familiar roads and we took the backroads through the Valley of the Moon and to Napa where Tiny and I split up. He took Hwy 29 to Vallejo and home to Pinole. I continued on Hwy 12 through Fairfield, Rio Vista and then to Stockton.

Friday. I had to have my baked spare ribs and rice at the Golden Star Cafe.
Back home again.


Photos at:
Don "Very Short Person" Inamasu
VROC#5569 - '00 Vulcan 750
Stockton, CA 95219


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